Thursday, October 15, 2015


Sad Face
Don't be sad, because I'm still blogging.

Below is the first post I made to this blog, titled Opening day, on July 30, 2004.
It is my hope that as I join the increasingly crowded world of blogging, I will be able to add something unique or at least a little entertaining, even if only to myself.
It's funny now that I thought I was entering a "crowded world" in 2004, but over the years I have continued to enjoy the act of blogging, hope I've been entertaining, but more importantly, I hope that you found it interesting and useful.

With the relaunch of my website using Squarespace several months ago, which I wrote about here, I've now moved the blog there also. From this point forward I will no longer be posting new content here.

You can now find the jfwPHOTO blog at

And while you are there, please click on the navigation links to view my work, or click on the social media links and connect with me there.

Thank you for reading and for the continued support.

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