Sunday, June 11, 2006

Overdue Update

Well I was reminded recently that folks, few that they are, might actually read these posts. So as the title indicates, it is time for a long overdue update. Travel is the theme, in fact, this is really the first night I've really had some time to update. Started four weeks ago in Norfolk aboard the USS Kearsarge, which I boarded and sailed to New York City for Fleet Week. One highlight of the transit, shown in photo below, was when the cast of X-Men III: The Last Stand, Halle Berry, Hugh Jackman and Kelsey Grammer, came aboard and rode the ship in. Not normally one to go for the hype, but it did provide something different to photograph and far more of these photos were published then those that I made for my actual job.

Follow-on trip to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee and just returned from a very wet week in Boston. Was in Boston for Navy Week to shoot aerials of the turn-around cruise of the USS Constitution with the ONR Afloat Lab. Too much recent travel gave me an early out on this trip and I left the morning of the turn-around, in a driving rain. Aerials would have been a no-go and I made the right decision this time. While in Boston was able to shoot some B-roll video of Robo Lobster and interviews of inventor Joe Ayers, that will come together with exhibit later this year.

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haha bet you would never guess that you would get a comment. in fact i hardly knew you had a website until i saw an icon. So hmmm what to say..uhh...its......cooool?