Thursday, February 16, 2006

Near arrest

Two weeks ago while on assignment in San Diego, I was nearly arrested, not once, but twice, by the Department of Defense police because I was photographing on the Naval Base. Didn't matter that I work for the government and have been taking photos on bases for over 20 years, these guys simply were following the rules and in the end, I completed the job, and had a heck of time in California. Now tonight I'm on assignment at the Jefferson Memorial in D.C. photographing the LED lights that highlight the scroll work the surrounds the top of the memorial. Apparently funding from the Office of Naval Research helped in the development of these particular lights. Well my friend the security guard who appears in the photo below decided to keep me company after stopping me from using my tripod. You see, it is acceptable to use a tripod on the steps but not inside the memorial. I kept using it until the last minute, but she would have none of it. I then folded the legs and told her it was a monopod. No laughs and figured my time was running out, so I put it away and ended up shooting another half hour, hand holding. Oh well, another assignment and I'm losing the energy to argue any more.

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