Sunday, December 11, 2005

At Sea

Just returning from San Diego and a couple of days at sea aboard Sea Fighter which I first covered during her christening and later shoot aerials at her arrival in San Diego. This should wrap up travel until January, and believe me I'm ready for a little down time. Of course there is still lots of local work to do, including wrapping up recent jobs. This job was strictly video. I was shooting footage of the first helicopter landings aboard Sea Fighter, part of a flight deck certification. This video will be used for a one hour documentary on Sea Fighter that will air on the Discovery Military channel Jan. 20, 2006. Since this was the first series of flight ops, the Navy prefered that a Navy photographer document the events, therefore, I was sent to provide the needed footage for Discovery. Armed with a series of shot suggestions from the producer of the documentary, I think I got everything covered. First day though was not the best, since I was coming off the Boston trip and then a series of flight delays put me in San Diego at 0030 Pacific time. I had to report to the fleet landing to catch a RHIB boat to Sea Fighter at 0700. Not much sleep and it showed in that first day of shooting. Next day I was better rested and re shot some of my interviews from the previous day and also had the opportunity to shoot some take offs and landings from the RHIB boat while alongside. Of course I took the opportunity to shoot the still below (one of only about a dozen stills taken on this job). Also had better luck shooting night ops by cranking gain up on camera. And did I mention it was good to be at sea amongst sailors again.

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