Monday, November 01, 2004

Love Park

Here I am posting from Love Park in Philadelphia. See I had a few spare moments and I thought I would test the theroy that Philadelphia wants to become the WiFi capital of World. Well at least the largest city that offers WiFi access. This is actually something that I can get behind, something that I actually wouldn't mind paying my taxes to support. And since I am posting to this blog while looking right at City Hall, it appears to be working. I read in the Inquirer on Friday about Philadelphia's effort to make this happen and they mentioned the hot spots around the City. One spot mentioned was Rittenhouse Square (a much nicer location that Love Park, by the way). Well I can report that like much published by the Inquirer, they were wrong, and you can not access the Web from Rittenhouse Square. I just tried it.
Well maybe next time I have a few moments I'll try a few of the other Hot Spots around the city, but next time I'll wear my mittens. Can you type with mittens on?