Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Hot Spot Journalism

What is Hot Spot Journalism? This project will take me to Wi-Fi Hot Spots around Philadelphia, where I will post a photo and write a few words. I love the idea of free Wi-Fi around Philadelphia and it is the one Mayor Street initiative that I can fully support, and the one thing that I don't mind paying taxes to support. Of course there are detractors to this idea. Read recent coverage.
11/24 - Consumer Watch | Phila.'s plan for Wi-Fi access deserves a chance
11/23 - Lobbyists Try to Kill Philly Wireless Plan
11/23 - Telecoms lobbyists push to quash Philly's muni wireless plan
11/20 - Bill's passage may not hurt Phila.'s 'Wi-Fi' plans
11/20 - Lawmakers OK wireless bill
11/19 - City 'Wi-Fi' plan hinges on Pa. Senate debate
Lots of articles to read, I know, but they do provide some background on this issue and some of the give and take involved. Let's see how convicted the Mayor and Governor are to this idea, or as I suspect, is it all lip service designed to get companies such as Verizon, to pay up.
So far the following locations are supposed to offer free Wi-Fi.
- Love Park, 15th and JFK Blvd
- Ben Franklin Parkway, Love Park to Boat House Row
- Reading Terminal Market, 12th and Arch Streets
- Pennsylvania Convention Center, 1101 Arch Street
- South Street District, 2nd and Pine Streets
You can see from a previous post that I was successful from Love Park. I was not able to connect from Reading Terminal Market, but will try again. Stay tuned as I visit and report from the other locations.

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