Sunday, August 15, 2004

Echo Company

Launched Echo Company project. This is a compelling story written by David Swanson of the Philadelphia Inquirer and Joe Galloway from the Knight Ridder Washington Bureau. The story is based on two weeks David spent with the Marines from Echo Company. This package has it all - great photography, good story, and in the online version - audio clips from family, friends, teachers, along with family photographs, letters home, and much more. I urge everyone to check out this story that I worked on with Ellen Dunkel, a national news producer with Knight Ridder Digital.

The weather was on my side as I took the Caplan family portrait on the beach of Vetnor, N.J. This portrait consisted of eight adults, four children, and a baby. It was a challenge getting everyone looking at the camera, but I think I pulled it off and made some very nice images. I have only done a quick edit at this time, but I'm pleased.
UPDATE: Nov. 24 Added Caplan photo.

What I'm not pleased about was the performance of the SB-800's in daylight. Many times the the two SB-800's that were off to the side did not fire, despite only being about six feet away with the sensor aimed right at the master flash on the camera. This will require more testing. When the flashes did fire, the results were well exposed.

I shot the portrait with a Nikon D2H, white balance=cloudy, NEF and JPEG fine, ISO=200. I look forward to sharing a few of the results with you and of course with the Caplans.

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